Our vision

is to create value by implementing a groundbreaking approach to Biomed research that actively promotes knowledge synergies, enhance accelerated innovation, thus providing an urgently needed response to the declining productivity, scope and quality of innovation in the Pharma industry.

About Us

BioLight Life Sciences Investments Ltd. invests in, manages and commercializes biomedical innovations grouped into “clusters” around defined medical conditions. The two current clusters are in ophthalmology via 100% ownership of XLVision Sciences, and in cancer diagnostics via a 39.6% controlling ownership of Micromedic Technologies (TASE: MCTC). XLVision technologies include IOPtimate™, a laser-based noninvasive surgical treatment for glaucoma; TeaRx, a point-of-care dry-eye syndrome diagnostic test; and Eye-D®, a long-term controlled release drug-delivery implant platform. Micromedic diagnostic tests are designated for colorectal, cervical, breast, bladder, lung and other cancers.

BioLight is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (BOLT) and on the OTCQX (BLGTY).

Company Presentation